Who We Are

We are the 4-H Cloverbots, a high school robotics team that welcomes students from all across Clark County Washington. Our team is student-led and focuses on allowing members the ability to grow as leaders in both technical and business disciplines.

Our team meets year-round to design, build, program, and test a unique robot in order to compete in each year’s competition season hosted by FIRST Robotics, an international education organization. Students on our team have the opportunity to learn valuable technical skills such as fabrication, CADD modeling, and programming. Because we are “more than robots,” those technical skills are paired with important communication and business practices that will help any student hoping to enter a technical field.  

What We Do

Here are some of the opportunities we provide and things we do throughout the season.


A huge part of our design process is our CADD (Computer aided design and Drafting) team. By using the latest industry standard software we create CADD models of our robot. All of the students that work on the CADD team graduate with a basic understanding of how to use software to speed the design process and make better engineering decisions.


To be able to compete every year we have to program our robot. We are currently using the C++ to write our code. All the students on our programming team learn how to create lines of code and see the result in our robot.


After the game is released we have to find the most profitable strategy. Every student a part of this team learns how to analyze data and make decisions based on how the game is set up.


This is where students get hands on experience by building the robot. By taking the strategy and CADD models the students construct a robot that best fits that strategy.


This is esentially the backbone of our team. The business team talks with potential sponsors, makes sure our brand stays professional, keeps up with social media, and makes sure we have to necessary funds for every season. From this experience students learn what makes up a business and how to keep things running.

And So Much More!

There are so many skills and experiences wrapped around our team. Think you might be interested? Come check us out!


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